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Corcoran Child Development LLC’s (“CCD”) mission is to help children realize their potential and motivate them to live their best, healthy lives - mentally, physically, socially, emotionally and academically.

“CCD” believes all children are extraordinary and our goal is for them to believe it too.

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"The 3 H Connection"

Corcoran Child Development LLC believes the key to living your best, healthy life is "the 3 H connection."
Think about it... you create connections when you do something (hands) it manifests feelings (heart),
then you are open to growing, learning and thinking (head).

Whether it be a tutoring session, early intervention session or a yoga class, “the 3 H connection” is always applied.







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What Parents Are Saying


Brianne, parent

"Corcoran Child Development services are unique in that they target individual growth. With a special education background, Kathryn Corcoran is able to tailor her instruction based on a child's needs. As the youngest of four children, our daughter benefits from structured independence and coping strategies when her siblings are not present. Kathryn has created a relationship of trust and support with our daughter to take risks and grow socially and emotionally."

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"The 3H Yoga and Mindfulness SEL Program" for School Year 2022-2023

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