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About Corcoran Child Development LLC

Founder: Kathryn Desiderio (Corcoran)

I was born to teach. I felt it in my heart and soul ever since I was a little girl. I taught in the classroom for six years as

"Ms. Corcoran" but then I felt called to do more. I had so much more I wanted to offer children of all ages.

So, I created Corcoran Child Development LLC. Now I proudly offer services to all ages from toddlers to teens. My goal is to connect with children and help them realize their gifts and potential to live their best, healthy lives. 

Corcoran Child Development LLC "CCD" was born from my “3 Hs” - head, heart and hands - as a classroom teacher who knows the in’s and out’s of the school day. My professional background as a N.J. State certified Special Education and General Education teacher with a Master's Degree in Early Childhood has allowed me to put theory into practice. After six years as classroom teacher, my desire to help children led me to pursue a certification in Kid's Yoga and Chair Yoga and Mindful Practices for Children.

My teaching philosophy does not stop at teaching the students, but teaching their teachers, administration, parents and families too. I believe the importance of communication across all areas will create a stronger impact for all students. I believe the power of family and community engagement helps everyone to grow.

Teachers, administration, parents and families are all on one team. 

Corcoran Child Development LLC's programs connect the bridges from school to home to community.

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High Point University

Bachelor of Arts in
Special Education

Montclair State University

M.A.T., Early Childhood Education

Kidding Around Yoga

Kids Yoga Certification

Yoga Ed.

Chair Yoga and Mindful Practices for Children Certification

If there are three words you could use to describe your experience with Kathryn, what would they be?

Here’s What They’re Saying

Advocate- you push to make your students strive beyond measure

Calming- your calm approach makes the environment you teach within so welcoming

Positive- Kiss your brain is still said within our house. Positivity breeds positivity.


Oh boy only 3 words that’s tough because she is AMAZING… but let’s see… attentive, kind, and great! She is so kind and truly loves working with kids in all aspects. She has great communication, just an all around great person.


Exciting, inspiring, and trustworthy.


Caring, patient, engaging.


trust, reliable, prepared


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