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The 3H Yoga and Mindfulness SEL Program

A Social and Emotional Learning Enrichment Program

for Schools with a focus on

"The 3H Connection: Head, Heart, Hands"

through Yoga and Mindfulness

For Preschool through Grade 8

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The 3H Yoga and Mindfulness SEL Program : About








The 3H Yoga and Mindfulness SEL Program : As Featured In

Program Benefits

School Life to Home Life
Learning Head-Heart-Hands-On Techniques
to Overcome and Thrive with 21st Century Stressors

*New Jersey Social and Emotional Learning Competencies


  • Social and emotional learning (SEL) is more important now than ever before. In life, all people including our students experience a range of feelings and emotions throughout the day, sometimes happy, sometimes disappointing. It is important to bring self-awareness* to these feelings, acknowledge them and then cope with them in a healthy way.


  • Breathing exercises and other yoga techniques help reduce impulsive behaviors.

    • Students, parents, teachers and administration are taught self-management* skills, such as breathing, slowing down the mind and identifying both good and bad feelings. Coping techniques allow us to thrive in school and life situations.

Responsible Decision-Making

  • Instilling a growth mindset is the foundation of the program.

    • By increasing SEL, utilizing mindful moments and different yoga poses along with other techniques, students gain the ability to learn about their bodies and the movements they are capable of.

      • Students learn how to shift to positive, open-minded thinking. Using the mindset “I can’t do it ... yet!” empowers the child to deal better with failure and learn to set challenging and exciting, yet achievable goals.

      • This is especially important for children dealing with 21st century challenges of responsible decision-making* when confronted with peer pressure, life stress and even social media.

      • This program gives them the capability to rewire their thinking.

Social Awareness

  • Boost confidence and self-esteem to carry them through life events.

    • Life is full of up and down moments. Yoga helps center those big feelings associated with the life events and shifts the mind to think in a positive, self-loving manner. This, in turn, creates a social awareness* which allows one to love and respect others.

Relationship Skills

  • Positive changes in physical and mental health through meditation.

    • Build relationship skills* by developing strategies for identifying who, when, where or

      how to seek support for oneself or others when needed.

    • Scientific studies prove boosts in immune function and overall health from meditation.


  • Enhancements in concentration and mindfulness.

    • Yoga includes different movements that require children to focus, listen and memorize. These skills lead to an increase in academic performance.

  • Reduce and manage anxiety utilizing breathing exercises, stretching and resting poses

    • Yoga is a healthy way to reduce stress and anxiety not only for children, but adults as well. It is a very important life skill.​

  • Development in strength and flexibility - physically, mentally, and behaviorally. ​

The 3H Yoga and Mindfulness SEL Program : List

Program Options

Please know that programs can be customized to best fit your school's needs, wants and schedules.

Empty Classroom

Classroom Time: Chair Yoga

20, 30 or 40 minute sessions

weekly or monthly

Teacher Professional Development

20, 40 or 60 minute sessions

monthly or quarterly

Get in Touch
Smiling Teacher
Family Stretch

Family/Community Engagement

60 or 90 minute sessions

1 - 4 times per school year

Before/After School Enrichment Program

40 or 60 minute sessions

weekly or monthly

Pinwheel Kids
Yoga Class

School Assemblies

45 or 60 minute sessions

1 - 4 times a year

The 3H Yoga and Mindfulness SEL Program : Services
The 3H Yoga and Mindfulness SEL Program : Contact
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